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Lisa Hobart


I touched base with our guest author on this (Brian Lassiter from MN Quality) and he said: "There are many sources for this, but the one I see cited the most is Robert Kaplan and David Norton’s “The Strategy-Focused Organization,” in which they claim 90% of strategies fail." There is also an oft-quoted Fortune Magazine study that uses that same number. Hope that helps!


Could you please provide a reference for the quote " But in various surveys by various experts, it is claimed that as many as 70-90% of business strategies fail."

Richard Brooks

Great post...

under a similar topic I briefly outlined how to create a corporate strategy on my blog.

the page shows how to use PEST, 5 Forces and VRIN to best leverage whats going on around you.

Brian Lassiter

Thank you for the feedback, Leanne. I'm glad you found value in the article. And you absolutely nailed the alignment issue and the impact poor execution has on employees. Indeed, I had planned to run a second article next month on employee engagement (and the issue we'll all face post-recession in trying to reconnect with our workforce).


Great article with some valuable statistical information. Your insight reaffirms why using the 5 Point Star Model by J. Galbraith helps to better identify how to break out these challenges and demonstrate why alignment is so important. Internal factors can be processes or systems. Given Gallup Poll on disengagement of employees - 69% disengaged and actively disengaged along with Conference Board where 55% employees are unhappy only further helps to illustrate that strategic execution must look beyond how we used to do it. Leanne Hoagland-Smith

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